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Frozen Shoulder, Capsulitis Surgery

When frozen shoulder occurs an inflammation of the synovial membrane / capsule in the shoulder. Joint Hinnen / capsule becomes thickened and this gives cramped conditions in the shoulder joint. The condition can occur for no known reason, after injury or surgery needing a frozen shoulder surgery specialist. The course has three phases; the first phase is characterized by pain, the second phase of stiffness and in the third phase normalized shoulder function gradually.


For most, the symptoms get better by itself within 3 years, without requiring treatment other than pain relief and possibly physical therapy. Some patients have very severe symptoms and a situation that makes it difficult to wait until the state passes by itself. Surgery or ultrasound-guided capsule blasting may be appropriate and you should be referred to an orthopedic treatment with shoulder surgery of GP.

Referral and Assessment

Once you have been referred because of frozen shoulder, you will be summoned for examination by shoulder orthopedic surgeon.

At shoulder orthopedic surgeon will undergo a thorough clinical examination. Surgeon considering the need for additional studies such as X-rays, ultrasound or MRI. Based on findings in the investigation and conversation you will agree on further treatment plan.

If you are recommended surgery may be waiting. During this period there is an advantage that continuing treatment by a physiotherapist or doing exercises on their own. The aim of treatment is to reduce pain, maintain mobility and prepare for surgery.

Approximately two weeks before the operation will come into our reception polyclinic. Here, you will undergo the last preparatory studies you need and get more information about what happens when you are admitted. As soon as you have received surgery date, you should book an appointment with a physiotherapist so that you have an appointment during the first few days after returning home.

The operation takes place arthroscopic (keyhole surgery). Inflamed tissue and bone that creates poor space conditions of the joint can be removed. Which parts of the joint capsule removed or cut depends on how it is tight. The operation lasts about half an hour. Most patients remain in the hospital a few days of pain relief and intensive mobility training of shoulder.

You usually get no restrictions and does not sling. Notes provided in the operation description must always be followed.

The day after surgery comes physiotherapist to you to stretch your shoulder, undergo separate training and information. You should start training with a physiotherapist as soon as possible after discharge.

Close supervision of physiotherapist and much self-training is absolutely necessary to get a good result after surgery.

If necessary you will receive a prescription for painkillers when traveling from the hospital.

Length of sick leave will be determined by, among other work and scope of ailments. Normally the orthopedic out the first sick leave and GPs can extend this if necessary.

You will be summoned to control with us about 2 weeks and 3 months after surgery. By lack of progress or increasing stiffness before the inspection, you should contact us. See contact information at the bottom.