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About Dr Robert J Fink: Dr Robert Fink of Gold Coast Orthopedic Spine & Hand Surgery, has been an orthopedic surgeon for over 30 years and is only one of 3 doctors in Chicago, IL performing minimally invasive spine surgery procedures. Non invasive back surgery is also called band aid back surgery, due to the fact that patients leave with only a bandaid or one stitch after the procedure is completed. Dr Fink’s non invasive surgery procedures are performed to take out herniated, bulging, extruding, & extruded discs, treat fractures in back, perform sacroiliac joint fusion, and also remove bone from neural foraminal narrowing. These procedures are done in an outpatient surgical setting. There is no destabilization of your spine by detaching spine muscles with a cut, unlike like traditional open back surgery where patients must be hospitalized after having substantial cuts into their back.

About Gold Coast Orthopedic Spine and Hand Surgery: Orthopedic surgeries are provided for shoulder rotator cuff and impingement syndrome, torn cartilage and anterior cruciate ligament injuries, nerve problems in the hand such as carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital entrapment, ulnar nerve in elbow, bunion and foot problems and all injuries from car accidents.

Work men’s compensation cases: If you were injured on the job and your company doctor sends you back to work, you ARE entitled to a second opinion. Dr Robert Fink is the top rated personal injury doctors in Chicago.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery For Herniated Discs?

When it comes to the spine, traditional spine surgeries are usually “open surgeries” where the area being operated is opened with a long incision (5 to 6 inches) which allows the surgeon to have a complete view and access the anatomy easily. This type of back surgery is considered invasive. Once the orthopedic spine surgeon makes the incision, he or she moves the muscles to the side in order to see the spine. Then, diseased and damaged bone or intervertebral discs are removed. A major disadvantage of this type of spine surgery opposed to minimally invasive spine surgery is that retraction or pulling of the muscle can damage the soft tissue. Although muscles are pulled to the sides so the orthopedic back surgeon can have a better look of the spine, this surgery affects more anatomy than required. In turn, a patient has a higher risk of muscle injury, pain, and a longer recovery period. Read More

Gold Coast Orthopaedic Spine and Hand Surgery also offers minimally invasive options for hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, feet, hands, wrists and elbows. All of these surgeries are done arthroscopically, (one small opening) typically in an outpatient surgical center. After the surgery is complete, patients typically leave with one stitch or just a bandaid.

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